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The United Kindom in a Collage

  These are a few of the collages we made as part of our

IPC unit about the Olympics

The Storm

On Tuesday 15th May there was a rather large storm in Breda. It was very dark and there was Thunder and Lightning.

The Butterfly Class were a little frightened but once we watched it and then learned why storms happen we were all okay.

After the storm had moved away we collected some of the hail that had fallen outside and made a Snowman.

olympic shooting rules


wrestling rules


synchronised swimming

Synchronized swimming


Rules for Olympic Sailing Anna And Shouq

Long Jump

Long jump

Shot Put

jas benthe shot put olympics research

Sport: Taekwondo

Aim: The aim is to hit the other on the coloured protector on the stomach as many times as possible (more then the other)


* You can’t grab hold or push the opponent.

* You can’t attack under the waist.

* You can’t cross the boundary line with both feet.

* You can’t hit the opponent’s face with hand or fist.

* You can’t butt or attack with your knee

* You can’t fall down.

Scoring: Try to hit the opponent’s coloured protector on his stomach.

Equipment: Karate Gi, protectors, karate belt and helmet.

Olympic sports:- Rules

Water polo (Nefeli and Isabella):

Aim: The aim is to get the ball into the opposite goal.


1. The ball should not be less than 400g or more than 450g

2. The goalies cap should be red, but players should be blue or white

3. No more than 7 players

4. Cant be older than 30 years

5. Game needs to be 45 minutes long

6. No violent contact or else a penalty

7. No more than 2m of depth


1 goal= 1.8

Loss of ball = -0.9

Violence= -1

Score from 2m away= 2.3


Water polo