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Who is the tallest in our class?





This week in the Monkey Class we learned about “tall” and “short”. We built towers as tall as ourselves.

Can you tell who is the tallest in our class?


First School Council Meeting


Today the members of the new primary school council met for the first time. The team had a working lunch and discussed the different roles within the school council:


– Chairperson

– Spokes person

– Secretary

– Financial Manager

The next meeting will be on Monday the 8th October at 11.45. During the next meeting the council will agree who will carry out each of the roles.

Additionally before the meeting each member of the council will ask their class to share all their ideas to further improve our school. During the meeting the school council will decide which ideas they would like to focus on.


Investigating measures in Owl Class!

As part of the unit we have studied on measures we have been carrying out lots of practical investigations. The children arranged themselves according to their height order. They enjoyed completing this activity! It generated lots of Mathematical discussion.

New Playground

Our new playground is beginning to take shape and the children are becoming more excited as more items are built.


Next week the playground will be ready for all the children to enjoy!

We made shapes from conkers!

We made rectangles and triangles and squares!


Today in the Panda Class we made a shape poem about movements we made in our P.E. lesson.


Shape poem

Fun Phonics in Reception







Every morning all the primary school children have their phonics and handwriting lessons from 8.45 until 9.15.

Here are a selection of early phonics activities you might like to complete with your child…

Phonics Pop Game

Phonics Fighter Game

CVC Word Game

What an achievement!





All the children who took part in the school elections were awarded a certificate of achievement for their fantastic school council campaigns.








Well done everyone. We are all very, very proud of you!



Congratulations to our new School Councillors…

School Council Elections

Today all the children who wanted to be considered as candidates for the School Council presented to the rest of their class.


All the children who participated should feel very proud of themselves. They have obviously spent a lot of time and effort making their presentations, posters and stickers. Great work everyone!

After the presentations were completed, all the members of the class had the opportunity to ask questions to the potential candidates.

In the afternoon each class visited the ISB polling station and voted. Tomorrow morning the sucessful candidates will be announced – well done and good luck!


Look below for some more photographs from the elections…



The Gingerbread man is on the run in Owl Class!


What a lovely, fun-filled, productive week we have had in Owl Class. Our book focus this week has been, ‘The Gingerbread Man’. The children have worked really hard to discuss, plan and sequence the story. We have also written recipes and designed our own Gingerbread Men. The highlight of the week was when Lara’s Mummy came into school to help us to make our own gingerbread men. They all looked wonderful and we were very lucky that none of our gingerbread men ran away like the character from the book!