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More Photographs from last week…

School Letter

Please click on the link below to read our lastest whole school letter…

parent letter 2012 10 30

Rocket scientist visits ISB!


We learnt about spaceships and telescopes, and about how they help us to find out all about space

We were positioned as planets in our solar system. This gave us an idea of the scale of our solar system.

We learnt about our mission to mars, and how there may be life on other planets but we have to keep looking!

We looked at stars that were dying

Here are a selection of photographs from last week…

Here are a selection of photographs from last week for you to enjoy…

This week in the Monkey Class we worked with the story of “Little Red Riding Hood”

We acted out the story

We baked cakes to take to Grandma

We built the story with Lego blocks

Bye bye Little Red Riding Hood!
Be careful in the woods now!

European Maths Challenge

You may or may not be aware that ‘European Maths Challenge’ will occur this November.

As Mathematics Subject Leader I have enrolled our school for this event. Each student has a unique user name and password which I have stuck at the front of their homework book. I will also keep a hard copy in the Owl Class.

To participate in the warm up and the actual event the student should sign in by going to the following website

I have shown the children how to use this in class.

Please explore it with your child until they feel confident enough to access it independently.

The more you use the program the more points you get. When they reach a certain number of points the children gain certificates. The certificates can be printed off and brought into school where we will celebrate them.

The more points we get as a school the better we will do it the competition. The time leading up to the actual competition in November is classed as a warm up.

If you need any help, please ask!

Good Luck and Best Wishes,

Karen Hagenaars

Owl Class Assembly reminder


Dear Parents,

You are invited to attend our class assembly of ‘Goldilocks’

On-Friday 26th October 2012


Place- The out of school room.

We hope that you can make it!

Best wishes

Mrs Hagenaars and the Owls



Book Week Assembly

This afternoon we had our Book Week Assembly.  First the Dolphin Class acted out their fantastic story, the story had action, humour and a cliffhanger!

What was your favourite part of the story?


Afterwards  the Panda Class shared their wonderful books. Jasmine and Geert read out their exciting story.

The Owl Class shared their big book and sung and acted out the song ‘When Goldilocks went to the House of the Bears’. If you would like to listen the song please click on this paragraph.

Thank you to all the parents who came into school during this week and shared their favourite books with our children. Your involvement in the school is very much appreciated. If you would like to be involved in class projects please speak to your child’s class teacher.

Well done to the  children who achieved the Achievement Certificate this week!







From the whole team at the ISB we would like to wish you a wonderful half term holiday!

Book Week in Owl Class

Beatrice’s Mum reads the Dutch book Kolleje by Pieter Feller

The Fox in Socks read by Granny T

We have had a fantastic time celebrating Book Week in Owl Class. We were lucky to have some guest readers come into the class to read to us.

Nishita’s Mummy reading us a selection of books including the story of ‘How the rabbit got his fluffy tail’.

As you can see from the pictures we enjoyed a selection of stories read by the Mum’s of Sidney, Beatrice, Nishita, Lara and Ronan. 

Ronan’s Mum read another favourite book by Dr Seuss

Grandma also flew into Owl Class from the USA especially to read to us and even brought some cupcakes with her…..well it was Ronan’s birthday after all!

The mum’s of Sidney and Lara both read the story of ‘Fancy Nancy’, but they read it in different languages.

The books were read to us in English, Turkish, Dutch and Kannada (the local Indian dialect spoken by Nishita’s parents).

This generated a talk about how many languages the children from Owl Class understand and speak. It was truly amazing to hear that many children regularly use three or more languages! What a bunch of Clever Owls you are!

Wishing you all a fantastic, safe and restful holiday!

The children have worked so hard and really deserve it!

Best Wishes

Karen Hagenaars

Investigating Pulse Rates

We have been learning all about our bodies in Owl Class. We looked at our organs and the special jobs they do. The children understand that the heart pumps the blood around our body and when we feel our pulse it is our heart pumping blood.


We investigated what happens to our pulse rate/heart beat when we exercise. We carried out a lot of different activities and measured our pulse rate before and afterwards. We found out that our pulse rate increases as we exercise, so our heart must beat faster too. As you can see from the pictures this investigation was a lot of fun.

Fancy Dress Parade

Today is the final day of our Book Week.

The children have enjoyed listening to parents and teachers read their favourite stories. All the children in the primary dressed up as their favourite character in a book.

Can you guess who the children are dressed up as?

At the end of today we will hold a special assembly to share a selection of the work the children have produced this week.