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Archeologists in the Monkey Class

Searching for fossils in the sandpit

Look! I found one, what do you think it is?




After learning a lot about dinosaurs

in Numeracy, it was now time to see

if we could find any fossils ourselves.

It was hard work, we had to dig very

carefully, or the fossils would break.

We ended up finding quite a few.


This looks like a fossil.

I think it is from a dinosaur.








Brushing off the fossils


Like real archeologists the children brushed off the fossils to be able to see if the fossil was from a plant, or an animal. We found prints from leaves and footprints from animals. And we think we found some dinosaur fossils as well…








Today the Owl and the Panda class went to the Oertijdmuseum in Boxtel.

Mr Fraaije -a paeleantologist and geologist- explained all about fossils and dinosaurs.

We even got to hold a mammoth’s tooth.

Some us ended up inside a dinosaur’s mouth.

Luckily we all managed to escape:-)

Penguins facts

The children have been researching facts about Emperor Penguins.

Below are their favourite penguin facts. We have also added these to the classroom display.

The penguins dive into the freezing cold water to catch their food- Beatrice

The daddy penguin makes it’s own milk to feed the chick. He has a pouch in his throat where he keeps the milk- Sidney

Penguins are very fat. This keeps them warm- Aziz

To protect the egg and keep it off the ice the daddy penguin has to keep it on his feet- Lana

The adult male Emperor penguin is 130cm tall- Ronan

Penguins lay their eggs in the winter- Romy

Penguins huddle together to keep warm- Omar

Penguin chicks are 15cm tall- Oliver

Penguins eat fish, squid and krill- Marie-Cyel

What fantastic facts do you know?

Numeracy Home Activities

This week your numeracy home activity is to practice your times tables by using the following website:  (click on all Games)

We have used this in class and you all know how it works.

Some of the best games are:

Ping Pong The Panda

Granny Prix

Jungle Jim

Post a comment to let me know how you are doing .


Wrap up Warm!

Well done to all the children who have come to school wrapped up warm,ready for the cold weather.

School Production

The children are working hard in preparation for the Christmas production and are already sounding great!


Please click on the link below to read our latest whole school letter. Happy reading :)       parent letter 2012 11 20

Literacy focus- The Emperor’s Egg

In Owl Class our book focus over the coming few weeks will be The Emperor’s Egg By Martin Jenkins. At first glance this book looks like a fiction book but it actually contains lots of factual information about Emperor penguins living in Antarctica. This book has won lots of awards including The Times Junior Information Book of the Year. The children will be using this book to inspire them to write poetry and stories alongside making their own information books. I look forward to sharing their work with you over the next few weeks.
Best Wishes
Karen Hagenaars

The Monkey Class has been measuring for Maths

We drew around our own
foot and cut out our footprint.
We measured how many
cubes long our footprint is.
Some footprints were 10 cubes

We also measured how many times
our footprint fits in the footprint of
a dinosaur!


Trip to the Oertijdmuseum

On Wednesday 28th November The Panda and Owl classes will be going on an exciting trip to the Oertijdmuseum, Boxtel. This will support our IPC units of ‘Adventurers and Explorers’ and ‘Time Detectives’. The museum is the largest geological museum in The Netherlands. On the trip we will be looking at fossils and bones from actual dinosaurs and will be exploring the grounds, displays and exhibitions.

From more information about the museum please look at the website
There will be more detailed information available for parents nearer to the trip.
If you would like to volunteer to accompany us on the trip please inform us.
Best Wishes
Mrs Hagenaars and Miss O’Hare

Digging for answers with the Owl Class

We had great fun today on our own archaeological dig.

The children used tools to find objects buried in the sand.

Just like true archaeologists we were very careful when excavating the objects.
Once back in class we used brushes to clean our hidden treasures.

We studied them closely and talked about what they tell us about the past.

Panda Class Assembly

Well done to The Panda Class for their fantastic  Shakespeare assembly today.

You all made your teacher very proud:-)