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Dolphins homework

Home Activities Sheet- spring week 4

Hello everyone,

Above is the Dolphin’s homework for the following week. The Children will receive their maths homework tomorrow (Friday 1st Feb).

Below are the spellings. The ‘ou’ group include Merel, Maximus, Beau, Casper, Nefeli and Ruben. The rest from my group have the adverb spellings

Spellings adverbs

ou spellings

Kind regards,

Mr Wallace


Mr Wallace

Fantastic Start

Thank you to all the parents who were able to attend the coffee morning with Mr Kevin Maddocks. It was a fantastic turn out and a  great start for everyone.

Kevin will be in school today and tomorrow to work with the team and will start as class teacher on Monday.

Whole School Letter

Please click on below to access the whole school letter.

parent letter 2013 01 30

Numeracy Investigations in Owl Class

The children completed a fun investigation using multilink cubes.

 Each coloured cube was worth a different value.

White   = 1

Red      = 2

Yellow = 3

The children had to see how many different ways they could make the number 20 by using the cubes. The children investigated really well and found lots of different combinations that totalled 20.

dolphins homework/spellings

Hello all, attached is the dolphins homework for next week. Spellings for ‘f’ group only for Ruben, Nefeli, Maximus, Beau, Merel, Casper. The rest do ‘ly’ spellings. Any questions please put them on the weblog and I will attempt to make clearer if necessary.

Mr Wallace


Home Activities Sheet- spring week 3

Spellings ly

Spellings f ff ph

Assessments and Report Presentation

Thank you to all the parents who attended the Assessment and Report meeting on Tuesday afternoon. 

Please click on the link below to access the presentation that was used during the meeting.

ISB Assesment Information Session 22nd January 2013

homework and spellings

Home Activities Sheet- spring week 2


Spellings ‘oi’ group


Spellings prefix group

A plea for scrap materials!

The Owl Class are designing and making clothes for their favourite toys!

 If you have any scrap material at home please can you send it along to Mrs Hagenaars in the Owl Class, where we will put it to good use.

 Thank You

Mrs Hagenaars and The Owls

The Jolly Postman

We started our Literacy work this half term by looking at the book, ‘The Jolly Postman’by Allan Ahlberg. This is a delightful book and the children have really enjoyed looking at it in great detail. If you have this book written in any other languages or have any other books written by Allan Ahlberg please send them in, we would love to see them!

spellings for dolphins











Fashion Show

Today the Panda Class had a fashion show for the Entry Point of our IPC unit Fashion. Below are some videos of us on the catwalk.

1 – fashion show

2 – fashion show

3 – fashion show

4 – fashion show

5 – fashion show

6 – fashion show

7 – fashion show

8 – fashion show

9 – fashion show

10 – fashion show

11 – fashion show

12 – fashion show

13 – fashion show

We have an interesting unit to do this term so watch this space for more exciting news.