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Reading Eggs is Here!

Reading Eggs is here at the International School of Breda!

Reading Eggs makes learning to read interesting and engaging for children, with great online reading games and activities.

And it really works!

Children love the games, songs, golden eggs and other rewards which, along with feeling proud of their reading, really motivate children to keep exploring and learning.

We showed our little monkeys how the website works today. We hope they all use it to have fun and learn at the same time!

If you have any questions on the site or the program please do not hesitate to contact me at




Hedgehog Stories by the Owl Class

We studied the book ‘The Hodgeheg’ by Dick King Smith. It inspired us to write our own hedgehog adventure stories. We hope that you enjoy them!

One day Max woke up at night. He wanted a wonderful adventure. So he went across the road to the park. He went to the hill and dug down and down, further and further. He was digging for a day or two and then he had reached the core of the planet.

One day Max the brilliant adventurer wanted to have an adventure in the dark, dark night to the park. He crept to the park in the dark. He entered the park and rolled up the hill. He was fighting with the bugs. They were terrible. Then Max was all alone, lost and frightened. He saw the hill. He ran up and down till again he was where he started. He went over the dark bridge and then he was home. He slept and slept. The next day he told everyone about his adventures.

The little hedgehog Max went to play over in the park. Max went to get some food. Max was watching the humans. He wanted to cross the street to get to the park. Max crossed the street. He then wanted to go back home .At home Max wanted to go to sleep. He slept for a long time.

Max went to the park. He wanted to have an adventure to look for food. He was frightened from the humans. He wanted an adventure but he had to go over the bridge. It was very dark and he had to go over a pond. The pond was as a big as the sea. It was a super adventure!

Max woke up at night. He wanted to go to the park. He couldn’t go to the park because the park was closed!

Max went to the park. He ate all the apples. Max was lost. He couldn’t find his house!

Max woke up with a yawn. He crept along in the dark, dark, creepy night. Max was hungry. He went to the park so the adventure started. Max went to the creepy, dark underground tunnel. Then he got to the park. He ate everything there!

Max went to the park. He made his own house there. He was eating. He was not scared. He is intelligent, clever and brave.

Max went to the big park for food but there were no bugs. He walked further, “Now wait…..where are the spiders?”, he thought to himself. He ran to Ma and Pa. “Were there no bugs at the park?” “ Yes, no, they are all gone but I have an idea. We will build a park in the garden so we can eat lots”. “Yes, woohoo!”

One dark, dark night Max woke up…..he was STARVING!. He crossed the busy road so that he could get some food from the park. He was so happy. He ate all of the food. The he got lost. Max was crying and it was very spooky! Max was very scared, He followed the road and then he finally got home.

Max went to the park. He was looking for food. He wanted to eat. He ate some spiders and worms. He ate at the park.

Max has a park.
Max is big.
Max is hungry.
Max is spiky.
Max is good.
Max is eating worms.

(Omar was absent when we completed this work)

As you can see the children’s writing is progressing really well. They have been working very hard to make their writing interesting for the reader by including lots of adjectives and similes.

Well done my clever Owls! I can see that I have many budding authors in the making, Dick King Smith had better watch out!

Best Wishes Mrs Hagenaars

Multiplication Madness!

L/O- to develop our understanding of multiplication.

The children were given number cards 1-12. the children had to select 2 number at random, e.g. 3 and 5. The children had to then write these numbers as arrays and then show the array by using sets of cubes.


Dolphins maths homework

Apologies. This is the correct attachment for the maths homework!



Dolphins homework and spellings

Hello Dolphins and my phonics group!


Attached is the dolphins homework along with necessary attachments for literacy comprehension homework (‘spitting to survive’) and Maths homework on decimals. Also as usual spellings are attached for my two phonics groups.


Home Activities Sheet- spring week 7

maths spring week 7

spitting to survive

Spellings ‘oul’ group

Spellings ‘description’ group

Have a good weekend!

Mr Wallace


Phonics Fun!


Here’s our little monkeys working on their daily phonics and writing. This week’s focus is the letter and sound ‘i’. We began our activity at the carpet using the Smartboard to form the letter ‘i’. We also looked at items that begin with the letter. Next, the children worked with the Ipads to either practice their cursive writing using a creative art app or worked on sounding out the letter ‘i’ using the Starfall app.

Very focused and fun, a double win for the Monkeys, GREAT JOB!

World Maths Day 2013……..the countdown begins!

The World Education Games 2013 will be held on 5th to 7th March 2013 with World Maths Day on 6th March 2013. Warm up for all events has begun! As we are fully subscribed members of (who help manage the event) we are already subscribed to the World Maths day event. Each child can log in now using their existing log in details for Mathletics at

During the World Maths Day event students of all ages play other students in their age category from around the World in live games of mental arithmetic. It is fun, fast paced and pupils have a real chance to make ISB one of the top 50 schools in the World!

During the event itself students can earn points for up to 50 games, 10 at each level, each game lasting one minute. Over 50 games can be played but the points will not be added to their personal score for the event.

Please note that the event lasts as long as it is the event date somewhere in the World; check the site for start times at various cities round the world; in Londonfor example the event lasts from 10am on 5th March to 10am on 7th March.

What are you waiting for guys…….

Get practicing!

Mathematically Yours!      

Mrs Hagenaars x

Monkey Class Home Activities for Mathematics



Dear Parents,

 From this Friday (22nd February) the in the children Monkey class will be bringing home their first home activities for Mathematics. These will be in the form of fun games which they can play at home with their parents support. The games are age appropriate and will help your child to use mathematical language and consolidate their learning of concepts already introduced at school.

The packs will be sent home in your child’s book bag on a Friday and should be returned complete, in their book bag, the following Friday.

 Have fun!

Best wishes

 Karen Hagenaars

Numeracy in Action!

Numeracy L.O.: Can I describe positions of objects?

For numeracy our class had a lovely 3-part lesson concerning the positions of objects. We began by modeling how we would describe the position of two or three students standing next to each other (left, right, in between, next to). We followed this by a kinesthetic activity based on position, the good old Hokey Pokey song. Students did have trouble corresponding the left hand/ foot on the screen to their own (will reteach this aspect).

Our shared activity concerned our little snail who missed his home. He needed directions back and we had to help him. Using left, right, across, up, and down students helped get the little snail home. They also enjoyed marking the slimy trail of our slithery friend. We followed this up with their independent activity.

Finally, we met again at our carpet to connect our positional knowledge with an object finding activity involving our little house. Great fun and great work Monkey Class!


Good to be Me

We started our new SEAL topic ‘Good to be Me’ today.  We started our assembly with a fantastic song….

1 2 3 Good to be Me Song  (please click to the left to hear the song)

Everyone is unique and has special talents and skills.

Why is it good to be you? Please post your answers to this weblog.

Maybe you are a great…

linguist, artist, singer, mathematician, story teller, gymnast, actor, reader, friend, leader, scientist, runner, swimmer, typist, chess player, team player?