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Can I create a perfect holiday destination?

Great creativity by the Dolphins class to create perfect holiday destinations with a specific target audience in mind, from sports enthusiasts to families to animal lovers. Good work! :)

Spellodrome and reading eggs

See our new spellodrome and reading eggs display outside the Dolphins classroom. A big well done to Sinan and Anna for last weeks GOLD awards, and for Kenta for a fantastic SILVER this week! :)

Dolphins homework and phonics group spellings

Home Activities Sheet- summer week 5

spellings summer week 5


Hello all,


Attached is the homework for the 2 week holiday, and spellings for my phonics group. Have a great break kids!


Mr Wallace

Flat Stanley From Canada!

Our children got to show Flat Stanley our wonderful Monkey class. Flat Stanley flew all the way from Victoria’s class at A.K. Wigg School in Fonthill, Ontario, Canada. Flat Stanley shared in the childrens crown art activity for the new King of the Netherlands, King Willem Alexander. An historic moment, good timing for Flat Stanley. He enjoyed a book in our reading corner. Also, he had some time for painting. He is having a great time in ISB!

We hope he will share his adventures with our Canadian friends.




The Dolphins did their versions of ‘the Jabberwocky’ by Lewis Carroll

The Beast


It was misty and the hasty wolves

Did howl and run in the wind

All angry were the beasts

And the monsters kill and eat

Beware the beast my son

The jaws that bite, the claws that catch

Beware his minion wolves, and shun

The furious beasty wolf

He took his mortal sword in hand:

Long time the immortal foe he sought

So rested he by the wisest tree

And stood awhile in thought

And, as in jumbled thought he stood

The beast with eyes of blood

Came roughly through the misty wood,

And scratched as it came


Daniel Van  Reenen

Mr Wallace, phonics group spellings

Apologies for the delay on these spellings. They are as follows;

nevertheless, shimmering, especially, glistening, ancient, suddenly, vast, mountainous, towering, precious

Please remember to write sentences for these words.


Mr Wallace

Very Proud!

Every day  we have good reasons to feel proud of our ISB children. Today was no different… this morning it brought a smile to my face that children from different classes and ages are so kind and thoughtful to one another.

This afternoon I was extremely proud of the whole of the Owl Class. What a lovely class assembly! It was lovely to hear why the children in Owl Class value their family so much.

Wishing you all a wonderful week end!  


After our lesson concerning shapes and patterns we extended on this by getting out the Snapcubes. The children had a blast exploring colour patterns. As you can see they couldn’t be more proud of their creations.

Fantastic work class!






Owl Class Assembly

Dear Parents,

As you know it has been a busy week with seven children joining us from the Monkey class, the children are now affectionately known as the ‘Mowls’ by the original class members. The children have been settling in well and quickly adjusting to their new routines. Their first challenge has been preparing for our class assembly!
The class assembly will be on Friday 19th April at 1.45pm.

It has been based around the story of ‘Grace and Family’.

We have been looking at this book closely in Literacy.

If you would like to come and watch our class assembly we would love to see you!
Best wishes
Mrs Hagenaars and the Owls

Dolphins homework and spellings

Attached is the homework and spellings for the week. Good luck!


summer week 3 spellings