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Dolphins homework and spellings

spellings week 7

Home Activities Sheet- summer week 7


Attached is the homework summary, spellings and maths sheet. Please only do the first two maths sheets, then if you feel you can continue see how far you can get.

Mr Wallace

Language cafe

Dear parents of the Dolphin class,

At the moment in IPC we are working towards having an afternoon where we have a language cafe. We have decided to split it into 4 tables and on each table are 4 languages (Arabic, Chinese, French and Spanish). We will try to keep the communication in these languages and we have been practising restaurant phrases. We also thought it would be great to have food, clothing, music from these cultures. If possible we would like to ask your help to supply some of these things but I would like to emphasise that it is optional, and I will be doing my best to supply as much of these things as possible. We would also like to invite you in on Thursday 13th June from 1pm to enjoy our global culinary delights.

Arabic group:- Shouq, Isabella, Anabelle, Rose-Marie, Ella, Anna

Chinese group:- Max, Young, Lars, Frida, Beau

French group:- Loranne, Natalie, Pippa, Amy, Leonie

Spanish:- Daniel, James, Maximus, Tessa, Ruth

Dolphins homework (spellings to follow on Monday)


Attached is the homework for next week for the Dolphin’s class

What does the job of a flight attendant consist off?

This week in the Panda Class we studied the work of a flight attendant for IPC. We looked at the “Crew Assignment sheet”, which shows which members of the cabin crew are working on a particular flight. Before each flight the cabin crew meets (briefing) to discuss the flight details, such as the flight time, configuration (all passengers or partly cargo), what time you have to be on board, who works in which galley and which CA (cabin attendant) is responsible for which door. We also studied the working method sheet, a crew sheet for the hotel and a flight request form. More often than not, flight attendants have different colleagues on every flight, but it is possible to request to fly with someone you know and then you have to fill in a request form.
The children of the Panda class were handed boarding passes to fly to Chicago. They took their seats and we went through the talk that the purser does before take off through the pas (public address system, looks like a phone), and of course the flight safety procedures.
Then the children wrote their own “purser talk”, dressed up as a purser and took us on a safe flight. The jacket had the actual wing on it that flight attendants wear!

A big well done to the Dolphins class for their assembly, and a reminder to parents that they are welcome to come in to see the display and read the version their child wrote. Also a big thank you to Heleen, Esther and Gabby who helped with the face paint and costumes! :)

Dolphin’s ‘Jabberwocky’ class assembly

Daniel’s ‘The Beast’



Dolphins homework and spellings

spellings summer week 6

Home Activities Sheet- summer week 6

Hotel review South Africa (Cape Town)

The hotel that I stayed at, in South Africa (Cape town) was awesome. Despite the long wait to get are room, the service and rooms were brilliant. Whenever you asked for service they would be up too your room within a few minutes. In the room that I was staying in, the beds were as soft as a cloud, also when you got back from sight seeing or a meal, the room would be immaculately clean.

The food was delicious and there was a big variety of different types of food to choose from.

Outside there was a gigantic pool where you could swim and comfortable deck chairs where you could sunbath.

I think that this is the most friendly,good serviced hotel with loads of things to do. I recommend you go there next time you go to South Africa.

Max Leaver