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Literacy Focus- The Gingerbread Man


Next week in Earth Class we will be using the traditional tale, ‘The Gingerbread Man’ in our Literacy lessons. If you have this book at home please bring it into class so we can share it with the rest of the class.

Best Wishes

Mrs Hagenaars


Explosive Science!

On Thursday and Friday next week all of the primary children and MYP 1 and MYP 2 will take part in some very exciting science!

Our youngest children will take part in an explosive ‘States of Matter’ science demonstrate. 

Our older children in primary and the students in secondary will  be challenged in a formula one pit stop!

Ordering Numbers


Our class has been investigating objects and their corresponding numerals. We focused on 1-9 for thus phase of learning.

Our children have used various manipulatives during this week to explore number values. We furthered this by matching numerals to a quantity. Plus, we briefly looked at concepts of adding one and taking one away.

Today, we worked together to rearrange numerals into their correct place. To aid their thinking we added objects on the Smartboard that corresponded to the numeral.

A marvelous mathematics beginning Venus!

Animal Name Alliteration


Our children completed working with our class names by adding alliteration.

To warm up we reviewed the initial sounds of each child’s name. We expressed that knowing the initial sound can help decode our friends names.

Our main activity was discussing what animals have the same intial sound as our names. The children had great fun adding the sounds and movements to their new name. They continued by decorating their alliteration animal choice, cutting it out, and glueing it to card. The card had the animal name which they added their own name.

Look out ISB for Jake the Jaguar, Rita the Rabbit, Isabella Iguana, Scot the snake and many more!

Great job Venus class!

Saturn Class Overview

Please have a look at our class overview.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask me.

My door is always open:-)

Miss O’ Hare

Class Teacher Saturn Class

2013 08 27 saturn class overview

The Saturn Class

Welcome to The Saturn Class.
We are Year 6 now and looking forward to a fantastic year ahead:-)


Curriculum overview mars

curriculum overview mars

Attached is the curriculum overview for the coming term…

Phonics is up and running!



Our phonics and writing has gotten off to a flying start. We have focused of the sound, ‘s’.

We use various interactive and kinesthetic activities as well as mediums to work with our sound focus.
Next week’s sound focus is ‘a’.

Mr. Maddocks

Knowledge harvest



Before we really get into our topic on flowers and insects we found out what the children already know on the topic…

Bar charts in mars class



We learnt how to draw bar charts. We produced them from data we collected about all our hand sizes…