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Book week kicks off…

…with great costumes of favourite characters. We had Alice in wonderland, The Suitcase Kid, The Gruffalo, Fireman Sam, witches from various stories and many many more. Thank you one and all for participating and enjoy book week.

Book week 2013

To launch book week today, the older children read with the younger ones.

An amazing job- happy book week everyone!

In class, we will be creating, writing and binding our own stories!

Mr Doherty


Our budding illustrators in Earth Class

The children in Earth Class were treated to a special workshop by our fantastic visiting author Tom Reed.

They listened to him reading story and then had a go at drawing Freddie the Fly for themselves.

The children had great fun and learned many new skills.

Literacy Homework

This week we have been looking at the traditional tale, Little Red Riding Hood. We have been working hard to write in full sentences and use adjectives for description. Please look at the photo of Little Red Riding Hood and add your own descriptive words and sentences.

Tom Reed visits the Saturn Class

Writer and illustrater Tom Reed visited the Saturn Class this afternoon. He read one of his Freddy the Fly books and showed how he had created his image of Freddy. It was fascinating to see simple lines transformed into the character of Freddy and our class enjoyed creating him too.
Thank you to Tom Reed and to Mr. Wallace for organising it all:-)





Tom Reed- writer and illustrator

Today we had a special visitor at our school. Tom Reed is an illustrator and author of among others “Freddy the Fly’ and “The spot that spat”.

He read from his books and gave us an insight into how he illustrates them.

The children also had a go at drawing Freddy:-)

If you would like more information about Tom Reed and his other titles then please check out his website.


Mr Wallace


World Day of Languages

Today we had a fantastic day celebrating World day of languages.
As you can see we went around the world learning (and eating) about lots of different countries/ cultures. It was a great success and great to see the children and parents getting so involved.
Well done to everyone and for Mr Doherty for organising it









Lots of Canucks!









Our kids really enjoyed World Languages Day at ISB!

They shared food, clothing, songs and celebrations. They especially enjoyed trying on hockey equipment all the way from Canada!

Game on Venus Class!

Mr. Maddocks

Mars animal quiz






In ipc the children have been researching from the fantastic website about the attributes of amphibians, birds, mammals, and reptiles. They devised the questions and today we had the quiz. The children told me what a vertebrate was, that pandas were endangered, how far a poison dart frog can jump and much much more. A triumph of scientific enquiry, and hats off to Sam who won the quiz. Great knowledge!

Shapes All Around!




Our might mathematicians took to exploring 2D or flat shapes. We listened to our shape song then discussed how many sides each had as well as vertices (corners).

For our focused activity tables, the children used flat shapes to trace onto paper. Also, they used sponge shapes and paint to make designs. Finally, play-dough ans Lego were used to build shapes.

Each child rotated through the tables to gain greater contextual knowledge that shapes can be created and seen all around us.

Can you see any shapes at your home?

Mr. Maddocks