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3D shapes and nets

Mars class hard at work drawing nets of 3D shapes, then making the shapes. We have come a long way this week. Ask your child what edges, vertices and faces are and they should be able to tell you now :)

Investigating Floating and Sinking

We have been learning about forces in action. The children looked at a series of learning videos on The children then made predictions about a variety of objects, talking about whether they would float or sink. The children realize that objects float if the force of the object pushing down is less that that of the force of the water pushing up on the object.

ISB primary school council cakesale (Nov 19th)

What an amazing effort everyone! Thankyou primary, secondary and Mencia children, staff too, and of course to the mums and dads who helped make the yummy donations (and in some cases bought them back!).  Just totalled up all of the money raised and I am pleased to say we now have a whopping €220.30.   A truly fantastic result, made possible by our wonderful families at ISB and helpers through the day!

Thankyou again!

A portion of this money will go towards those affected by the typhoon in the Philippines, and to arranging a special treat for our primary children in January 2014- more about that to follow! (If you know of a children’s entertainer etc who you could recommend to come visit us in January, do let me know!)

Mr D and the school councilors.

Cake sale

Well done to Mr Doherty for organising the bake sale today. I hear lots of money was raised for a very good cause.

At risk of shamelessly self promoting, if you liked the princess cake and the racing car cake and have any parties that require cakes with fancy decoration feel free to contact Jiske Lems at: or visit her facebook page:

If you didn’t receive a business card today feel free to come to me for one in the Mars class

Many thanks

Mr Wallace

Sinterklaas is back in Holland!

Last Saturday Sinterklaas and his pieten have arrived in Holland. Hopefully you were able to either watch “de intocht van Sinterklaas” in Breda or the national version on t.v. this past Saturday.

Sinterklaas and his pieten have arrived from Spain on the “stoomboot” with all the presents and will stay in the “Pietenhuis” until December 5th. This is when the Dutch children have their “pakjes avond” (like  opening presents on Christmas morning). In the evening either Sint or Piet or both will bang on the door and put a “grote zak met cadeautjes” (big bag full of presents) in front of the door and throw “snoepgoed” (sweets) like “pepernoten” en “schuimpjes” in the door.  If you are lucky they will come in and you can sing a song for Sint and you will get your presents. You may have tasted the sweets on Saturday because they were handed out by the pieten to the children.

What happens until the 5th of December?

Now that Sint is in the country a lot of Dutch primary schools will work around the Sint theme. They will be singing Sinterklaas songs and read Sinterklaas stories.

The children will also do a lot of arts and crafts that have to do with Sinterklaas.

We will of course also do this in the Dutch lessons, so just ask your child if he or she can sing you a Sinterklaas song.

Schoen Zetten

During the next 3 weeks your child can put a shoe in front of the fire place (door or window if there is no fire place) with a carrot, some hay and some water for Sint’s white horse called Amerigo and a letter or a drawing for Sint and Piet. Then the children need to sing some Sinterklaas songs. This is absolutely necessary! The “listening Piet” will hear it through the chimney.

As he will hear if the children are being “good”! All of this will be written in Sint’s big red book (like Santa).

The children come downstairs in the morning and find that the hay, the water and the carrot have gone and Sint has found their letter or drawing. There might be a little present in their shoe (a “shoe present”) or just some sweets, like a “chocolade letter” or a chocolate Sint or Piet.

Of course the children have to ask their parents first if they are allowed to put their shoe out. There is a little calendar that they can put in their shoe and then Sint can colour the days that they are allowed to put their shoe out.

Sinterklaas journaal
Your children might enjoy watching the “News Show” for children about all the adventures of Sint and the Pieten while they are in Holland. A lot of things happen; usually there is some kind of problem that needs to be solved before the 5th of December. On Monday the pieten were scared that they had run out of presents…

You can watch this on t.v every night at 6.00 pm on channel 3 (Nederland 3)

There is also a website:

You can listen to the songs, watch the news from the day before, colour, and have your present wrapped by a Piet (go to naar de stoomboot.webloc) ready for you!

Enjoy Sinterklaas in Holland!          Mrs. Scheltens,  Dutch teacher


Mars class at Technopolis

The mars class enjoying our trip to Technopolis. We have been recounting our trip in IPC today, remembering what we did, what we enjoyed the most and the science behind it.

Sinterklaas arrived in Breda!

On Saturday afternoon the children and families from the ISB were invited to a very special meeting with Sinterklaas and his Piets.

It was a super afternoon which was enjoyed by all. Thank you to all the families and children who joined in with the fun.

If you have photographs that you would be happy to share on the weblog, please forward them to me at

A very special thank you to the our City Council of Breda for arranging such a wonderful experience for our children! 

Michael Rosen poetry coming up in the Jupiter class.

Over the next couple of weeks the Jupiter class will be looking at Michael Rosen’s wonderful poetry- check these 3 out to see what his style is!

Mr D

Want to find out more, go to:  :)



Car Race Positions!

In maths we have been exploring numerals and positions. Thus, time for a car race!

From our car race we discussed the various positions of the contestants. From 1st to 10th and back again! We furthered this by corresponding the colours of cars to their positions in line. Also we introduced the correct written form of positions.

Technopolis 2013