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Michael Rosen poetry unit comes to a close!


We really enjoyed learning about Michael Rosen’s inspiration for his poetry- such as ‘Chocolate’ and ‘No breathing!’. We even had a go at creating our own MR poems- see them in class or go to his website:

Well done Jupiter class!

Mr D :)

Calligraphy Club

Today was our last day of our Calligraphy Club for this year.
We had a special visitor who came from Switzerland to see what we did. Beatrice joined in and proved she is a natural. Well done Beatrice:-)
The rest of our group have been busy writing their self designed Christmas Cards and Door Hangers.
I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and remember Keep Writing:-)



SEAL- Friendship

In Earth Class we have been talking about friendship issues. We role played different situations and talked about how to resolve them in a positive manner. We then recorded them on the ipads using the app, ‘Comic Life’. It was a lot of fun!

Looking at forces in action-investigating friction

We set up a fair test using ramps to investigate friction.

We kept the height and the car the same and changed the surfaces.

We tested wood, plastic, sandpaper, aluminum foil and cardboard. We found out that the sandpaper had the most friction, the aluminum foil had the least.

Mars class information

Dear parents,

I have told the children about the homework for next week and now I am telling you to make it extra clear. The main homework is to know their lines for the play, and for the songs in the play. I have also stuck in a Maths worksheet into the homework books. This is a tally chart which I would like them to convert to a frequency table. The other homework, as usual, is to bring in a news story.

On the topic of news stories, I expect everyone heard about the death of Nelson Mandela. An extra, optional homework is to find out a bit about his life.

Kind regards

Mr Wallace

Special art lesson

Today in the mars class we had a special artistic visitor, who inspired us to create wonderful paintings. Thank you to Peet and well done to our Martian artists :)

Special homework

Every now and again we get a really special homework which has clearly taken lots of time, pride and effort. This week Alba has created a beautifully presented board of 3D shapes. Well done Alba! I wonder how many shapes you can name……

What a FANTASTIC dress rehearsal!

Today the children in Nursery to Year One performed their Christmas show ‘Ffinlo’ to an audience. They did an excellent job even though, sadly we were missing 5 of our actors. The rest of the children took extra parts to cover for their missing friends.

Some of the children are only 3 years old and have English as their additional language. They all sang, acted and performed. We cannot wait for the real performance tomorrow morning!

It was great to see our friends from the Dr De Visser School at the dress rehearsal. After the performance the childern from Group 4 joined the Mars Class for some traditional Dutch craft activities and enjoyed an ISB playtime.










Well done to all the children, parents and teachers involved!