Monthly Archives: January 2014

Special Visitors to our School

Today we welcomed some special guests to our school. Our guests included members from the political party D66.

We were proud to show our guests around our school and introduce them to some of our wonderful children




The visit ended with our primary children singing ‘I am a Small Part of the World’.

Play that funky music Mars class!

Today we exposed the mars class to various instruments including claves, triangles, tambers, tamberines and wood blocks. We learnt about keeping time, musical symbols for loud (f) and soft (p), musical terminology such as crescendo and diminuendo,  and listening to the conductor of the orchestra. (Lara was a super conductor!)


Little Artists Club

Today was the first Little Artists Club at ISB.

15 budding artists from Reception and Year 1 joined Mrs Hagenaars to make our own patchwork Elmer elephants.

First we listened to an Elmer story and talked about how he is different from other elephants.

We then used fabric and paper squares to make collages of Elmer. We each made an individual Elmer and worked together to make a giant one.

As you can see, we all had a lot of fun!

If you would like to watch an Elmer story at home please use the link below


Tricky Trigraphs in Phonics- Mrs Hagenaars’ group

The children have been working very hard to learn the air, are and ear trigraphs (three letters which go together to make one sound). This is very tricky as there are words which sound the same but are written completely differently. Please use the link below to help support your child’s learning at home.


Chemistry in the Mars class

A big thank you to Kees Joziasse (Diederik’s father) for giving up his time and giving a great science lesson about molecules, atoms and chemical reactions. Attached is a really interesting clip he showed about chemical reactions. A reminder to other parents, if you are interested in coming in to give a lesson on an area of your expertise or interest please let me know.


Mr Wallace

How we learn

Dear parents of Mars children,

We are about to start our new topic called brainwave and it’s all about how we learn. If any of you are confident you know what type of learner you are (kinesthetic, auditory or visual) please come in to arrange a time to talk to the kids about how you learn. This could be connected to how you learn at work or in general. Perhaps you could talk about;

Whether you read, watch, or do, or a combination of these in order to learn and which you prefer

The kinds of breaks you need to take

What things you find easy to learn and what you find difficult

How you organise yourself to learn effectively

Best wishes

Mr Wallace