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Earth Class Assembly

Dear Parents.

It is our Class Assembly on Friday 4th April at 2.20pm. Please arrive at 2.15pm as we will be starting promptly.

We would love it if you could come along and help us to celebrate the work which we have been doing in class.

During the assembly we will be singing a short song about The Hare and the Tortoise. Please use the link below to help your child practise this at home.

Best Wishes

Mrs Hagenaars and Earth Class

Michael Rosen’s poems

Dear all,

In literacy we have been doing performance poems, and the children really like Michael Rosen’s poems. Attached is a link to see more through youtube and another link to his website. If you are having trouble opening these you can go to youtube and type in Michael Rosen or google michael rosen and find a link to his web page. Enjoy!

Best wishes,

Mr Wallace

Chinese native language lunch- Thursday 3rd April

An opportunity to gather, eat lunch and speak Chinese (Mandarin or Cantonese), on Thursday 3rd April, 2014, at 12:00pm.
Meeting in the primary library. All Chinese-speaking parents, friends and older siblings etc welcome!

Mr D :)

Jupiter class assembly- Friday 21st 2:20pm, in the foyer.

Dear parents, brothers and sisters, friends etc of the Jupiter class!

You are kindly invited to attend our assembly this Friday (please arrive at 2:15pm for a prompt start at 2:20pm). We’ll share something special with you about what we have been learning at school!

Hope you can all make it!
Mr D and the Jupiter class. :)

PS Do join us in the classroom after the assembly to see more of our class work (IPC).

The sun breathes life into the ISB primary school council garden!







Big thanks to our primary school councillors: Loranne, Scott, Sidney and Konrad!!!
To help our garden flourish, further donations of soil, seeds and plants would be great! Again, many thanks from myself and the children for all the lovely donations so far!
Any shiny objects- such as old CDs- might help to deter birds from eating our planted seeds- any you have would be gratefully received!
Mr D 😀

Myths and Legends written by Earth Class


Myths and Legends by Earth Class.

 The children have researched Greek Mythology. We talked about some of our favourites, such as, Odysseus and Theseus and Jason and the Minotaur. The children then planned their own Greek style myths which we have written up in neat in Literacy.

We enjoyed this project very much

Here they are! We hope that you enjoy them…….

 There was a beautiful princess called Erica. She lived in a pink castle in Norway. She was trapped in the castle. She was sad. The Prince came. He helped Princess Erica out of the castle. They got married and they lived happy ever after. Erica


One day two humans caught a ball from a minotaur. The minotaur was cross. The humans wanted to give the ball to their king. The king was happy but he gave the ball back to the minotaur. The humans were not happy about that. David


One snowy day in the cold winter, a dog was home alone by himself. The rain and snow stopped and the dog wanted to go outside to find a friend to play with. When he was out in the park he found two dogs who wanted to be his friends. They did lots of things together. They ate food and at the end of the day they went to sleep together. Noga


An alien from space landed on Earth. His spaceship crashed into a cave. The cave was full of rocks and a monster came out from inside of the cave. He saw the alien. They had a fight. They stopped fighting and started talking. They became good friends. The alien stayed living in the cave with his monster friend until he became a grown up. Tanur


One dark night Justin Bieber was walking in the wild jungle. He was wearing a long black shirt, blue trousers and black shoes. All of a sudden a big tiger jumped out from behind him and ate him completely up. Justin went up to the sky. Then he came back down again and became alive again. Jay


One sunny day on a family farm in Oklahoma, USA Granddad Jack, a brave man was working hard on his daddy’s farm. One day Nanny was out in the open fields while Jack’s dad milked the cows. A bull saw Nanny and started running very fast towards her. Jack saw this and started chasing the bull. When he got close enough he cut off the bull’s back leg. He saved Nanny’s life! They fell in love and got married. Jonah


A lazy captain sailed out to the Pacific Ocean with a crew of people. He was so lazy he did nothing and made all of his staff do everything for him.

Suddenly a heavy storm started. It was very windy and rainy. The ship started rocking on the waves. All of the staff fell off the boat into the deep water. The ship started to sink. The captain was all by himself on the sinking ship. Another pirate came with his boat and saved him. He took him to an island. He stayed there and built a house. Callum


A long time ago all of the people were very sad as they didn’t have food. They waited until it was dark and barged into a castle and stole their food. They then made a huge horse which they could hide inside. They took the huge horse to the beach. The people from the village saw the horse on the beach and took it back to their village. The solders inside the horse could feel that it was moving. They waited until it was night time and took the horse back to the beach. Samyak


On a very sunny day a beautiful princess was playing in her castle. She was hot so she went outside. She fell into the blue sea. Her Mum and Dad were looking for her. They heard her screaming “HELP!”, they came and rescued her from the deep water. She went for a long sleep in her bed. Katia


Optimus Prime was a huge robot who could turn into a truck. He was walking in the hot desert with some friends. Suddenly he saw a bad guy. He thought to himself, ‘That is Megatron!’. He chased him and started fighting with him. The evil powers ran out of the bad guy and they became best friends. They became a team and joined the Transformers! Emilien


In a deep, dark cave there lived a minotaur. The minotaur liked to eat people. One day he broke out of his cage and ran into the forest. In the deep forest he met another minotaur. The two minotaurs decided to go into town and eat everybody. When they got to the town they saw a lot of people and started to eat them all. Only the knight and the king managed to escape. Zeus came down from the bright sky and trapped the minotaurs with a cage. He put the cage back into the deep dark cave. Declan


There was once a giant knight with golden pointed horns on his head. He lived deep underground in a giant jail. He ate foxes and dragons. The king came to get him and to scare him he hit the walls of the jail with his golden horns. He broke out of the jail and escaped into the woods. Nobody could find him. He lived in the woods forever eating foxes. Konrad


Long ago in Egypt a magic dog lived in a cave next to the kings castle. He was in the cave because he ran away from home. The king caught him because he was mean. The dog found a magic key to the cave door. He got out. He ran away. He was safe. Leeloo


A long time ago their was a strong knight. He lived in the scariest castle. There were two minotaurs. The king and the minotaurs had a fight with the goodie knight. It was a big fight. The baddies won. They were the winners. Levi


There was a king from Russia. He was the boss. He was brave. He was strong. He had a fight in the cave with the minotaur. He killed the minotaur. He was pleased. Eryk


A long, long time ago in sunny, hot Greece a minotaur with terrible horns lived in dark cave. He ate people whenever they went into his cave. One day there was a brave Greek boy called Dimitris. He was strong and happy. He decided to fight the minotaur. Carefully, when the minotaur was asleep he entered the cave. Whilst he was sleeping he killed the minotaur with his sharp sword. The people said that he was a hero. He became King Dimitris!   Dimitris

maths position

Home Activities Sheet-13 march

Mars class parents and children,

Attached is the home activities for this week.

Best wishes,


Mr Wallace

Mandala art led by Miss Yvonne in the Jupiter class!






The Jupiter class were very lucky to learn so much about the ancient Tibetan tradition of mandala, where Tibetan monks painstakingly create wonderful mandalas out of sand. Firstly, the children were shown a clip and then given a text to get to grips with the facts, then they created their own mandala art drawings, as you can see above! Relaxing, informative and very artistic mandalas drawn- well done Jupiter class, and thank you Miss Yvonne! :)

What’s coming here???

4 school councillors and Mr D were very curious about this…. :)

Phonics Mrs Hagenaars Groups

This week we have been working really hard to learn the ch diagraph.

The children listened carefully to the words their teacher said and tried to sound talk them and write them independently onto their whiteboards. We then looked at pictures and tried to match them up with the correct written word.

Here are some links to help you do this at home.