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Jupiter IPC clay-modelling class

Recently, our Jupiterians displayed wonderful modelling abilities with clay, during our IPC Art unit.

First, we watched a Youtube video to show us techniques to mould the clay into shapes and stick the pieces together to make a character or an animal- the results speak for themselves!  Simply terrific!

Thank you Miss Yvonne for teaching us this from the Jupiter class (and Mr D!)  😀


Phonics- Mrs Hagenaars Group

Dear Parents

Last week we have been learning the ‘igh’ trigraph. A trigraph is a single sound made up by three letters. We have consolidated our learning of this sound by playing lots of games. One of these is full circle. This is where you start with  a word. You then change one letter of the word to make a new word, for example, high, sigh, sight, slight, light, right, fright, bright

Play this game at home to see how many words your child can remember.

These links are also very handy to help reinforce the igh trigraph


Photos of us playing full circle

This week we have set ourself the tricky challenge of learning are/ear/air

These are three different spellings of the same sound……. will we be able to learn the difference between a pair and pear? or a hare and hair? We will let you know!

Keep practising!

and as promised here are the High Frequency Word songs!

Happy Phonics!

Mrs Hagenaars x

Science- investigating electricity

We have had an electricfying time here in Earth class investigating electricity!

Have made complete circuits and learnt the different symbols for electrical components.

We know how electricity is made and the different types we have.




Investigating static electricity was fun, Mrs Hagenaars tried to fool us that she was a wizard as she could make a stream of water travel in the wrong direction!




We quickly figured out that she was pulling the water because the balloon she was holding was positively charged.

We are certainly Super Scientists in Earth Class!

Story time in the mars class

The mars class have been enjoying reading the BFG. We stop during reading regularly to discuss the text to test for comprehension and to highlight features of the text such as wow words. Thank you Anat for these pictures!

Mr Wallace

Chinese language lunch

A big thank you to Judy and Young, Harry and Vincent, Xi Jia, mum and dad, and the father of a new child joining Reception soon! It was a lovely lunch in Chinese this afternoon!
Mr D 😀