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Carnival Fun!

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The whole of the primary are buzzing with excitement from all the fun of Carnival! Here are a few photographs. Please go to our Instagram accounts to see more! :)


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Two of our fantastic primary teachers :)

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School Councillors visit the City Hall

Our School Councillors visited the City Hall yesterday afternoon. They learnt how a real city council works, were shown around and asked intelligent questions. 


Our School Councillors did a fantastic job and spoke clearly with confidence. They also performed a spontaneous singing performance of the song that all our children will be performing on the 3rd March at 8.50 am. This is a performance not to be missed!


One of the members of the city hall recorded the primary school councillors singing performance and said it will be uploaded onto their official website.  

Well done everyone, we are all so proud of you! 

ISB Parents Association Weblog!

I am delighted to inform you that our Parents Association Welog is now live. The weblog is a fantastic resource for the ISB community.

A huge thank you to our wonderful Parents Association for making the weblog such a fantastic resource!