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Our favourite moments of the school trip to Schiphol

“After we ate lunch I had fun in the jungle gym” Samyak

“I liked being on the bus” Cissie

“It was great to just be on time to see the fire fighters practicing to put out a fire on a plane” Declan

“I like the tour” Callum

“I saw the control tower and learned that Schiphol has three in total” Jay

“I saw the jets taking off and landing. That was surprising” Luca

“It was an exciting to use the train” LeeLoo

“I enjoyed when we went on board the plane” Katia

“I felt excited to be on the train” Noga and Grainne

“I liked seeing the planes taking off” Erica

“We had fun after lunch in the jungle gym” Levi

“I liked climbing into the propeller. It was so big” Jonah

“It was cool to see the cockpit of a plane” Elodie

“I liked playing with my friends” Konrad

“I liked the part when we went on the bus” Nia

Thank you to our Year 2 children for their replies. I am glad you had such a great time on the trip.  :) 

Modern Dance Club with Carla :)

One of our fantastic dance after school club, which is run by our talented dance teacher Carla. 

Don’t forget to sign up for the next run of clubs! 

Year 2 Visit Schiphol

Our Year Two class visited Schiphol airport today. They travelled together on the train.

Questions for Year Two

What was your favourite part of your trip?

What did you learn? 

Please post your answers to this weblog or tell me :) 

Best wishes, Miss Everson :)

Police visit

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Today our local policeman Michel Kieneker visited all our classes in the primary.


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Our children learnt about the role of a local police officer. 

The police baton was a bit like a light saber

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They had the opportunity to ask questions and find out about the tools a police officer needs.  


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They also had the chance to see a real police van and sit it in.


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Our Music Concert was FANTASTIC!


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We are extremely proud of all our budding musicians who performed magnificently during our music concert this morning.

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Thank you to all the parents that watched the concert and donated so generously to raise money for our new initiative to raise money for our own school drum kit. We managed to raise 231.80!  A wonderful start…. thank you!


Reminder – Music Concert Tomorrow :)