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My Greatest Wish

What is your greatest wish?


Last week our Year 6 children were set the task of writing about their greatest wish as their home work. Here are some examples:

My Greatest Wish 

Once, in my memory I have wish, for a friend of mine.
So I waited for years, however I did not find.
Sometimes I say he or she is my friend, but they’re actually not…
But that’s in China… And that is a lonely nightmare…

And thank goodness it’s the past, however I’ve got friends now,
since I came to Nederland, to this international school in Breda.
Now I finally knew, what a real friend is,
a friend will come to help you when you got into trouble,
make you feel valuable.
But it’s not Santa who complete my wish,
it’s my mum and dad who brought me here to learn English,
have less pressure of homework and to have fun.
And at last, my lonely nightmare…

By Harry 

My Greatest Wish

My Greatest wish is to be a famous singer like Ariana Grande.  Singing has been my hobby for ages. I like singing, because you can put any of your emotions in when you’re singing a song. You can discover how high or how low you can sing.

And I want to show the world that I also have a talent. I want people to enjoy my own music. You know what is so special about singing? It’s not only singing that makes a song. A song has a story. A good presentation for a song also has some dancing in it. A song has acting. A song has theatre.

I want to give concerts and see all those people loving my music. Of course there will always be haters, but forget about the haters. Don’t let the haters break you. There are other things more important than the haters. I want to show the world that I have a passion for singing.

By Pam 

My Greatest Wish

My greatest wish is to own five car companies and I want to invent the fastest car in the world.

My car companies will be designed in the shape of the car I invent. The company buildings will all be racing car red. I will employ the most highly qualified people who are good with engines and designing.  Each day my companies will each sell 50 cars per day. That will earn me a billion euros a year.

I will also create formula one cars. My cars will win all the formula one races. I will also own my own formula one track in Dubai, however I will have more.  

By Justin 

My greatest wish…

My greatest wish is to be a professional footballer and to win the world cup with England. I would like to be captain and lift the cup. It will be amazing. To achieve this I will need to keep practicing and have a bit of luck to get scouted.  Right now I play for a team, I have scored 11 goals in 8 games I play right wing like Messi. I will need resilience to keep going.

I will also need support.

By Jacob

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Piet and Sint Visit the Primary!

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 This week our friends Piet and Sint visited the ISB.  They left signs all around the school…

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So exciting!

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