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What an AMAZING week!

Word match!

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 This week has been a truly amazing week with so much going on!

Today we have all been celebrating our annual Mother Tongue Language Day. All the children, parents and teachers dressed up in clothes that represent their mother tongue language/s.

The children participated in a range of workshops which represented some of the languages that are spoken within our school. Some of the language workshops the children enjoyed were Spanish, French, Chinese, Greek, Hungarian, Dutch and Turkish. 

Story time!

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On Monday we were visited by a group of teachers from secondary and primary schools in the Brabant area who are studying innovate education as part of their masters degrees. They were very impressed with our fantastic children and the way our teaching team support our children’s learning.

On Thursday we met some new friends from  De Springplank, a primary school in Teteringen (2 mixed class of children in Groups 6,7 and 8). During this week the children from De Springplank have been having an English week, as part their special week they visited our school. They joined in a singing lesson, took part in a reading session (both Dutch and English). Afterwards all the children played together and then had a tour of our school.

We look forward to welcoming the children from De Springplank back to our school in the not too distant future!