School Council


After all the excitement of the elections and voting we are very proud to congratulate all the children who took part in the elections. 


This afternoon all the children who participated in the elections received an achievement certificate for their enthusiasm, hard work and dedication. 


We are very proud to introduce the new school council who represents the primary for the school year 2016- 2017.



Year 1- Defne

Year 2 – Tessa 

Year 3 – Liam 

Year 4 – Lulu 

Year 5 – Evy

Year 6 – Madelief   

Nursery & Reception – Seyree (Year 6)

Again, a huge congratulations to everyone who took part! 

The school council will have their first meeting next week. 

2 responses to “School Council

  1. So very proud of all the students who took their time and effort to create great posters for their campaigns!! They all did such a wonderful job!

  2. I totally agree all the children did a wonderful job and ought to feel very proud of themselves!
    Best wishes, Miss Everson

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