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Congratulations Graduates!


Congratulations to our friends who will be moving up!

I wish Konrad, Eryk, Dimitris, Joshua, Noga, Samyak, and Erica all the best!.

Mr. Maddocks

Heat Warning…

The weather in the Netherlands takes a drastic turn for the next couple days. This change will remind me of summer in Southern Ontario, Canada.

Which means, HEAT and HUMIDITY!

Please make sure your child dresses for comfort. Have their water bottles nice and full. Sunscreen and hats are a must. We will adjust our day to suit such a vast temperature increase.

Stay cool ISB!

Mr. Maddocks

Monkey Class Assembly

Dear parents,

As our year comes to an end the hard work of the Monkey class continues. The children look forward to welcoming all to our class assembly. During S.E.A.L. we have focused on Friendship. We would love to present a song that tells how respect helps our hearts and friends!

Our Monkeys have been rehearsing hard and they should be proud of their effort!

The class assembly is on Friday June 14th at 1:45.

We look forward to seeing you!

Mr. Maddocks

Spectacular Sports Day!





Our ISB Sports Day 2013 was a big success!

The children of the Monkey class participated in ball throw, long jump, hula hoops, running, football, and bean bag accuracy. We were very proud of the sportsmanship shown by all. They encouraged and cheered their friends in each event. This cooperation and kindness was truly shown during our awards ceremony. Each child received a gold medal for the positive attitude and effort.

Well done Monkeys!

Note: More photos to come!

Sports Day 2013!

Hello parents and children!

Just a quick reminder that tomorrow is our Sports Day 2013! We will begin shortly after lunch, approximately 12:45.

Our Monkeys will be participating in a wide variety of athletic and cooperative games. The children will rotate in their groups to each event. Our awards ceremony will be directly after our final rotation. The weather looks like it will be perfect for a fun filled afternoon!

Just a few notes:

– Water Bottle
– Sunscreen
– Running Shoes
– Comfortable Clothes
– A Big Smile!

Feel free to come by to cheer on our wonderful class and enjoy the long awaited sunshine.

Go ISB Monkey Class!

Mr. Maddocks

Airport Emergency Role Play


A wonderful job from Jake, Samyak, and Konrad!

Using our role play area and information from our IPC unit on Transport the chilren acted out an emergency scene. With great energy and detail they were rescuing animals that have become stuck or lost at the airport.

Yet, with these imaginative children a rescue would not be complete without also a search for treasure! Quite a funny addition to their journey.

Well done!

Mr. Maddocks

Number Pairs


Learning Objective: Can I explore and know pairs of numbers that add to 10?

We looked at our shark’s teeth and counted the upper and lower teeth to create a number sentence.

We created: 5 + 5 = 10

After we brought out the snapcubes to explore other ways we can create a value of 10. We took this modelled session and reinforced the learning in our guided math groups.

Marvelous mathematicians our Monkeys are!

S.E.A.L- Friendship!






Focus on friendship! What a great way to welcome two new friends to the Monkey Class, Erica and Vick!

With Mrs. Hagenaar’s class we talked about what friendship is. We also looked at a touching film about two unlikely friends, a dog and a dolphin. We discussed their special friendship.

We had the children split up into their friendship groups, and may I say Mr. Maddocks was quite impressed with the inclusion and cooperation of the the entire class. Great! We took pictures of our friend groups and will be adding our thoughts of what it really means to be a good friend.

Look out for the display at ISB coming soon!


Flat Stanley From Canada!

Our children got to show Flat Stanley our wonderful Monkey class. Flat Stanley flew all the way from Victoria’s class at A.K. Wigg School in Fonthill, Ontario, Canada. Flat Stanley shared in the childrens crown art activity for the new King of the Netherlands, King Willem Alexander. An historic moment, good timing for Flat Stanley. He enjoyed a book in our reading corner. Also, he had some time for painting. He is having a great time in ISB!

We hope he will share his adventures with our Canadian friends.




Very Proud!

Every day  we have good reasons to feel proud of our ISB children. Today was no different… this morning it brought a smile to my face that children from different classes and ages are so kind and thoughtful to one another.

This afternoon I was extremely proud of the whole of the Owl Class. What a lovely class assembly! It was lovely to hear why the children in Owl Class value their family so much.

Wishing you all a wonderful week end!