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Mencia Students work with the Owl and Panda Classes

The Students from the Mencia de Mendoza Year 2 English TTO class have been working closely this half term with the Owl and Panda classes here at ISB.

With help and encouragement from their fantastic English teacher Mrs Bakker they have planned and written a story book for a younger child. The books included the younger children´s favourite hobbies, family members and their home countries. It was obvious that the Mencia de Mendoza students had spent a great deal of time and effort getting to know their younger partners!

It was lovely to see the children working so well together.

The finished books were of a very high standard and the younger children loved sharing them with their partners.



Investigating Wind Powered Vehicles in the Owl Class

The children have had a great time investigating wind powered vehicles.

The children worked in teams to design a boat. They produced a detailed labelled diagram and then followed their design diagram to produce a working model boat.

The children made predictions using their existing scientific knowledge.

We then went on to test the boats to see which one would travel the fastest.

As you can see it was great fun and we learnt lots!

Room On the Broom

Literacy Tuesday 14th May 2013

L/O- to make predictions
-to act in role
-to look at and compare books by different authors


We have been studying books by the same author. We have been looking at books by the amazing Julia Donaldson.

We have enjoyed reading ‘Room on the Broom’. Mrs Hagenaars read it to the cliff hanger, then we had to discuss, in small groups, what we thought would happen next.

We then acted out our own endings. It was really good fun!

Very Proud!

Every day  we have good reasons to feel proud of our ISB children. Today was no different… this morning it brought a smile to my face that children from different classes and ages are so kind and thoughtful to one another.

This afternoon I was extremely proud of the whole of the Owl Class. What a lovely class assembly! It was lovely to hear why the children in Owl Class value their family so much.

Wishing you all a wonderful week end!  

Owl Class Assembly

Dear Parents,

As you know it has been a busy week with seven children joining us from the Monkey class, the children are now affectionately known as the ‘Mowls’ by the original class members. The children have been settling in well and quickly adjusting to their new routines. Their first challenge has been preparing for our class assembly!
The class assembly will be on Friday 19th April at 1.45pm.

It has been based around the story of ‘Grace and Family’.

We have been looking at this book closely in Literacy.

If you would like to come and watch our class assembly we would love to see you!
Best wishes
Mrs Hagenaars and the Owls

IPC-Science (Owl Class)

Today we completed a very fun investigation. We had to make two paper planes and test them to see which one travelled the furthest.

We made it a fair test by keeping the size of the paper the same. We also launched them for the same starting point. The thing that changed was the design of the plane.

We noticed that the planes with the largest wings flew further………
Mrs Hagenaars has challenged us to say why this is true………..

Here are our answers……………

Open Lessons – Handwriting & Phonics

Today was an exciting day in the primary as we had our first open session. Parents were invited to join in with our handwriting and phonics lessons.

During the lesson parents can join in with the lesson.  




This is an opportunity for parents to:

  • experience a lesson with your child;
  • learn how you can support your child’s phonics and handwriting;
  • become more involved in and have a greater understanding of your child’s education.

If you haven’t signed up already, it’s not too late, please see the schedules in the foyer. 

IPC homework 5th April 2013

Hello my lovely Owls,
I hope that you are having a lovely weekend!
I would like you to tell me all of the different modes of transport you use this week………
For example-
I traveled to work by car, I cycled on my bike to the supermarket, I travelled by train to see my friends………
How many different types of transport will you use?

Happy travelling!
Mrs Hagenaars x

Traction Man is Here!

Literacy- The Owl Class


Our book focus has been ‘Traction Man is Here!’ by Mini Grey.

The children acted out scenes from the book, focusing on what the characters in the book would say to each other.

It was a lot of fun and the children really enjoyed it.

L/O-To act in role. To use speech whilst in character.

We would also like to say a VERY big thank you to Lana, Nishita and Marie-Cyel’s Mums for coming in last week to help us with the work for our fantastic Traction Man display. It was really appreciated and the display looks amazing!


Owl Class IPC home activity

Dear Owls

We are starting a new IPC topic this week.

It is called ‘From A to B’. It focuses on transport, different localities and how we get from one location to another.
If you could travel to anywhere in the world……..
Where would you go to?
Why would you go there?
and how would you get there?

Best Wishes

Mrs Hagenaars