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Well done Panda Class you’ve had a good year now enjoy your summer holidays. I wish you all the best for the future. Miss O’Hare


Panda Class Assembly

Well done to the Panda Class on a fantastic assembly today.

You made me a very proud teacher:-)

Mencia Students work with the Owl and Panda Classes

The Students from the Mencia de Mendoza Year 2 English TTO class have been working closely this half term with the Owl and Panda classes here at ISB.

With help and encouragement from their fantastic English teacher Mrs Bakker they have planned and written a story book for a younger child. The books included the younger children´s favourite hobbies, family members and their home countries. It was obvious that the Mencia de Mendoza students had spent a great deal of time and effort getting to know their younger partners!

It was lovely to see the children working so well together.

The finished books were of a very high standard and the younger children loved sharing them with their partners.



Panda and Dolphin class P.E.

Today The Panda classs And The Dolphin class had P.E. outside. They divided into 3 teams and played some great football.

The girls were also playing well with goals on all sides.

Although a slight confusion as to which direction they should face:-)

What does the job of a flight attendant consist off?

This week in the Panda Class we studied the work of a flight attendant for IPC. We looked at the “Crew Assignment sheet”, which shows which members of the cabin crew are working on a particular flight. Before each flight the cabin crew meets (briefing) to discuss the flight details, such as the flight time, configuration (all passengers or partly cargo), what time you have to be on board, who works in which galley and which CA (cabin attendant) is responsible for which door. We also studied the working method sheet, a crew sheet for the hotel and a flight request form. More often than not, flight attendants have different colleagues on every flight, but it is possible to request to fly with someone you know and then you have to fill in a request form.
The children of the Panda class were handed boarding passes to fly to Chicago. They took their seats and we went through the talk that the purser does before take off through the pas (public address system, looks like a phone), and of course the flight safety procedures.
Then the children wrote their own “purser talk”, dressed up as a purser and took us on a safe flight. The jacket had the actual wing on it that flight attendants wear!

Very Proud!

Every day  we have good reasons to feel proud of our ISB children. Today was no different… this morning it brought a smile to my face that children from different classes and ages are so kind and thoughtful to one another.

This afternoon I was extremely proud of the whole of the Owl Class. What a lovely class assembly! It was lovely to hear why the children in Owl Class value their family so much.

Wishing you all a wonderful week end!  

Open Lessons – Handwriting & Phonics

Today was an exciting day in the primary as we had our first open session. Parents were invited to join in with our handwriting and phonics lessons.

During the lesson parents can join in with the lesson.  




This is an opportunity for parents to:

  • experience a lesson with your child;
  • learn how you can support your child’s phonics and handwriting;
  • become more involved in and have a greater understanding of your child’s education.

If you haven’t signed up already, it’s not too late, please see the schedules in the foyer. 

Happy Easter Everyone!

Wishing you all a wonderful long weekend!


Here is an Easter video for you to enjoy…

Which is your favourite egg?

Deborah Ader visits The Panda and Owl Classes

On Friday the 8th March the Panda and Owl Classes welcomed a special visitor Deborah Ader.

Deborah makes her own yarns and uses them to make clothing by knitting and crocheting. She showed us drop spindles and spinning wheels which the children had a chance to try out.

Deborah also spoke in detail about the different stages of making clothes from shearing sheep, washing wool, carding the wool to flatten the fibres, spinning yarns to finally making clothes!

It was very interesting and it really helped bring the information we have gained from our IPC topics to life!


You can do it Jim!

Here is a rhyming story for you to enjoy!


Wishing you all a great weekend.
Well done to everyone for a super week!