Mrs Humbug Sees the Light!

img_0094 Our Year 3 to 6 children rose to the challenge of putting on the musical ‘Mrs Humbug Sees the Light’ with gusto! Amazing acting and singing skills, well done to everyone involved!

img_0095img_0096 Amazing acting and singing skills, well done to everyone involved!

img_0093Maria and myself 

A special well done to Maria for her amazing portrayal of lead character Mrs Humbug, to Niel’s and Tim from our partner school Mencia who volunteered their time to be part of the band and the whole team… the teaching team and parents who worked so hard to make this production such a success.

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The ISB band with Miss Chalkiopoulou.unnamed-3


Christmas Music Concert

img_0048 The children in Nursery to Year 2 treated us to a super Music Concert last week. They sung beautifully and performed solo performances on the piano, violin and the xylophone.img_0056 Year Two getting ready before the concert. unnamed

Rudolf the red nosed reindeer.

Super Sint in Breda

sintOn Saturday we were invited by our City Council in Breda to experience all the fun and tradition of Sinterklaas.

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We were warmly welcomed by Mr Boaz Adank and treated to hot chocolate and special Sint sweeties.

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Afterwards we went our side to the centre of Breda to enjoy the show.

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School Council Meeting

Today the School Council in Primary had their first official meeting. img_9748All the representatives of the council did a fantastic job of introducing themselves to one another and agreeing tasks. img_9746 The next job for each councillor is to meet with their class/ classes and record their ideas to further improve the school. From these ideas the school councillor need to establish the top three ideas. img_9747

In the next meeting the children will share the top three ideas from their class/ classes. Afterwards as a group they will agree which ideas the school council will concentrate on for the rest of this academic year. 

Year 6 Workshop with MYP1 and 2


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On the 17th October the children in Year 6 were participated in a creative project with our MYP1 and 2 students with Mrs Angelique Mathijssen.

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The students creating little puppets and animals out of chestnuts and acorns.

Year 6 working MYP1 and 2

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Our Class Parents :)

It is my pleasure to introduce our Class Parents for this school year!





A belated congratulations to all the children and their families who took part in the Singelloop on the 2nd October 2016.
All the children did a fantastic job! They didn’t let the poor weather dampen their excitement or their achievement of participating in this special event.
Well done everyone!

Rhyme Time Fun

Every Friday,  parents and their younger siblings of our Nursery and Reception class are invited to share in all the fun of ‘Rhyme Time’. The children and their family join together to learn and sing nursery rhymes and songs.dsc_0192-1

School Council


After all the excitement of the elections and voting we are very proud to congratulate all the children who took part in the elections. 


This afternoon all the children who participated in the elections received an achievement certificate for their enthusiasm, hard work and dedication. 


We are very proud to introduce the new school council who represents the primary for the school year 2016- 2017.



Year 1- Defne

Year 2 – Tessa 

Year 3 – Liam 

Year 4 – Lulu 

Year 5 – Evy

Year 6 – Madelief   

Nursery & Reception – Seyree (Year 6)

Again, a huge congratulations to everyone who took part! 

The school council will have their first meeting next week. 

Book Week

Dear Parents,


We are very excited to announce that this year’s ISB Book Week will take part from Monday 17th  to Friday 21st October 2016. This year we have decided to adopt the theme that is currently running in most Dutch School’s for their Kinderboekenweek 2016. The theme is Opa en Oma (“Grandfather and Grandmother”) with the central motto being Voor altijd jong (“Forever Young”).

We appreciate that not all grandparents live nearby and that sadly, some are no longer with us. Our team will be very sensitive to this. Throughout this week the children can focus on a special relationship they have with their grandparents or with another adult. If you know your child is particularly sensitive about this subject, please speak to your child’s class teacher.

We have planned a range of really exciting activities to boost the children’s passion for books. The purpose of this letter is to inform you about how we would like you to be involved with these activities. The timetable of activities for the week will be as follows:

Monday 17th October: Bedtime Story Morning

To launch our Book Week, we kindly ask that all children come to school dressed in their pyjamas.  During the morning, the children will be treated to milk, a cookie and a story. Naturally the children need to be dressed appropriately for the weather and be able to participate fully in the school day e.g. morning sports, outdoor playtime. Therefore the children can bring in a dressing gown or sleep clothes that can be worn over their normal clothes.

Tuesday 18th: Wednesday 19 & Thursday 20 October

Throughout these days, class teachers will carry out a variety of in-class activities. For Years 2 – 6, one of the activities will involve the children writing a performance poem about their grandparents. This will be performed to their class and the best performance poet from each class will take part in the final of the Poetry Reading Competition in Friday’s assembly. The Year 2 – 6 assembly will begin at 2.15pm. In Nursery, Reception and Year 1, the children will learn a grandparent-inspired song to perform in their Friday assembly which will begin at 2pm.

In addition to this, grandparents are invited to come into school to read their favourite children’s story book to their grandchild’s class. If a grandparent is interested in taking part, please have a chat with your child’s class teacher as soon as possible. We actively encourage grandparents to read a book in their native language.

Thursday 20 October: ‘How do you read with your grandparents?’ Competition Deadline

For this year’s Book Week competition, children will need to hand a photograph to their class teacher of them enjoying a book with their grandparents (or special adult as mentioned at the beginning of the letter). Pictures will be judged per year group, meaning there is a chance for one child from each year group to win a prize! Photos will be judged on their creativity. The more creative entries,  for example enjoying a book with your grandparent whilst skydiving (!), will stand a greater a chance of winning. Children need to hand all photos to their class teacher by 09:00 on Thursday 20 October. The winning entries will be announced on Friday 21 October in our Book Week assemblies.

Friday 21st October: Grandparent dress-up day; Parade; “Readathon”; Poetry Reading Competition Final; Competition winners announced

To end our Book Week, we kindly ask that all children come to school dressed as an Opa or Oma  (Grandpa/Grandma). During the morning, the children will parade their costumes to the rest of the school. During the day, the children will be read a story by each class teacher, as part of a ‘Readathon’.

Parents and grandparents are invited to an assembly in the afternoon (2 pm for Reception, Nursery and Year 1 and 2.15pm for Years 2 – 6).  The assemblies will showcase the activities completed in class. The Poetry Reading Competition Final will take place during the assembly and the photo competition winners will be announced.  

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask a member of the Primary team.

Kind regards,

Mr Matthew Scragg
Leader of Literacy