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ERStatement: Emergency Group Office Patient’s Bill Payments through the EGO Payment Portal at

ER Statement refers to the Emergency Room Statement. The patients who were treated at the emergency rooms will get their due bills through mail. They need to pay the due amount by visiting the hospital later. To provide a convenient facility for the patients in paying their bills, the provides an online bill payment option through which patients or their concerned people can clear the bills. The portal can be used to make the bill payments online by visiting the link and make the bill payments using their credit cards. The patients can also make payments through money orders or pay checks but the payment through the credit cards is the most convenient and most adopted method at

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In this article, we will discuss about the contact details, bill payment procedure at and other similar information regarding So, if you are looking for similar information, please go through the below article. — contact details:

  • ERStatement official website:
  • To speak to the ER Statement customer care associate, dial: (877) 346-2455 — Pay your EGO bills at ER Statement portal:

You can make payments at by using your credit cards. Before you start the bill payment process, make sure that you are carrying the previous bills with you as you may be required to produce some details of such things. If you have the above requirements, please follow the below steps to make payments for your EGO bills through the portal:

  • Make sure that the device you are using is connected to the active internet connection.
  • Open the browser and visit the portal
  • Now you need to enter the client, account number and the password.
  • The client, account number and the password can be found on the statement you have received through the hospital via email.
  • Please enter the required details in their respective fields and click on the “log in” option.
  • You will now be shown with the concerned account details. These are the patient details.
  • Make sure you confirm the name and other details of the patient to avoid any mismatch and wrong transactions.
  • Once you have confirmed the details of the patient, go to the balance due section and enter the amount you want to pay.
  • After entering the amount to be paid, click on the “Pay Now” option.
  • Now you will be asked to provide the credit card details like the credit card number, expiry date, CVV number etc.
  • Fill in the appropriate details in their respective fields.
  • After providing the necessary information, click on the terms and conditions if any and click on “pay”.
  • Your payment will be done and you will receive an invoice to your email address.
  • That’s it! Your bill payment process is completed.

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You can also make the bill payments through other means like pay check or money order. The concerned address for bill payments can be found on the bill statement you have received through the email. — Security breach at erstatement:

There might be some wrong groups of people who want to fraud you in the name of ER Statement. They will ask you to provide your credit card details, personal and banking details. Please, do not disclose any of the information with such spammers. They do not represent ER Statement. The ER Statement or its associates will not ask you to provide any such details either by calling or through email. If you have received any email or a call of such thing report it by calling (877) 346-2455.

Hope you have got all the necessary information regarding the If you have any doubts or questions regarding your bills or any other queries, please contact the ER Statement team or call (877) 346-2455. You can go through the below included Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section to get quick answers for your questions.

Frequently Asked Question / FAQ:

  • What is ERStatement?
  • ERStatement is an online bill payment service provided through the portal for the patients who have their treatment at Emergency Rooms and belong to the Emergency Group Office.
  • Where can I find the Client, account number and password to make payment at
  • You can find the client, account number and password at the bill statement you have received from the hospital through an email and make a bill payment at
  • What are the modes to make bill payments at
  • You can make bill payments through credit cards at You can also make your bill payments through mailing a money order or check to the address you can find on your billing statement.
  • I received an email or call from to provide my details? What should I do?
  • If you got an email or a call mentioning it to be from and asking to provide your credit card details, personal and banking details, please do not disclose any of the information with such spammers. They do not represent ER Statement. The ER Statement or its associates will never ask you to provide such details either by calling or through email. If you have received any email or a call of such thing report it by calling (877) 346-2455.

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4 thoughts on “Erstatement @ || EGO Payment Portal”

  1. Apparently you have recently sent me my last refund check in the amount of $180.90.
    Unfortunately I have just moved and I think it may have been sent back to you.
    Client – MMV
    Account # 2543998

    My new Address is:
    Alan Roth
    5526 Dunsmuir Ave. #2
    Dunsmuir, CA 96025

    I apologize for not getting my new address to you sooner.

    Thank you

    Alan Roth

  2. re: Southwest Emergency Phys.

    I will no longer be mailing my monthly payments as it appears the mail is incredibly slow getting to you. I will continue my monthly $50 payments on line at the erstatement portal. I apologize for the prior payment delays, but the USPS is terribly inefficient from here. Thank you, Mark Stephon acct.#4627722

  3. Hello I have tried several times to contact your office via phone but no one ever answers I need information on a bill from 2013 for Good Sam ER which I do not believe is correct could someone please contact me-

    Gordon Balding

    Thank you

  4. I have insurance through my medical and also through the veterans I don’t understand why you are sending me a bill for the amount of five hundred dollars.i should be covered what is this regarding.could someone please get back to me about this bill thank you sincerely David Ney


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