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  1. how can i pay bill for roswell using peryourhealth service?

  2. Janet K Michel Gallaher says:

    How do I contest an incorrect billing and “dun” and telephone collection call due to incorrect and uncorrected bill submitted by Horizon Labs? I have been unsuccessfully dealing with Horizon Labs to correct their billing info to my primary Medicare Advantage provider, Kaiser Permanente of Northern CO. I have spent over 20 hours during the past 8 months trying to get this issue reconciled. I have now received a phone call from a collection agency. Please advise as I am disgusted with spending hours on hold trying to correct this problem.

  3. Dear Sir
    I need send you VA scan copy which I got from VA about your claim~the procedure code
    Please contact me

  4. Zach Seidman says:

    peryourhealth online payment system has made paying medical bills very easy. Just we can go to http://www.peryourhealth.com and pay our medical dues.

  5. Gideon Graber says:

    Our insurance company is finally starting to pay the charges for my husband’s accident on 10-31-2017. I have received 2 eob’s last week showing payment to others for the same DOS. I apologize for the delay in responding to our billings. I have been working like crazy to help get them the information they needed. The car insurance paid all it was going to pay to the hospital only. Nina Graber – wife to Gideon Graber

  6. Tracy Silva says:

    Good afternoon,I just received a billing for 2015, which I believe we have already settled back then. How can I confirm or not? I still hold copies of all the documents. Thank you

    • Hello Tracy Silva, here this blog does not represent Peryourhealth, it helps you understand how to use and the various services provided by Peryouhealth. I woudl suggest you to connect with your billing customer care team.

  7. Kayla Akstulewicz says:

    Can I pay with a money order??

  8. Carolyn Lantz says:

    I am a member of fire department that transported me to the hospital.

  9. Jessica Costa says:

    I need a mailing address to send something certified mail since the last two faxes were “never received” despite confirmations from the fax machines that they were successful.

  10. on line payment option is quick and is friendly. It requires to read everything and register to access the payment option. Isn’t it possible just to pay using account number only without registering everything? I pay other bills very quick in different on line tool

  11. Patricia D. Solomon says:

    Insurance was not deducted from the bill. Please deduct Medicare Complete, United Health Care. ID number 972894703-00, Group 82075

  12. stephen janzekovich says:

    i have cigna i received emergency room care cigna claims you are billing me twice for the same services therefore they will not pay this matter has been sent to a collection agency even though it is under appeal it is impossible to contact central jersey emerg medicine assoc pc to resolve this issue i would appreciate some sort of response to this matter mt acct number is 821*0049805262 date of service was 12/8/17

  13. I am attempting to speak to a human. I called twice today, both times going through all the hoops to get to punch #5 to speak to an operator. Both times, after once a long wait, then a shorter wait, the call was hung up. I have spoke to my insurance, they tell me they have not received an invoice from MAWD for the service date listed. How to I request a re-billing of the invoice if the operator continues to hang up?
    Thank you

  14. My bill has Continental General Ins. I do not have this. I have Medicare and Cigna. This bill is not correct.

  15. I have typed in account number all the things asked me to do I get to the socical sec. # and it doesent recognize it . wonder why? Also my bill is not correct.

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