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Ride Safely is an online auto auction organizer. The auction takes place online at their website www.ridesafely.com. The RideSafely auctions include the automobiles like cars, motorcycles, trucks, bus, industrial vehicles, RVs and boats. The list of the RideSafely auto auctions includes both salvage vehicles and used vehicles. The users can create their account online at www.ridesafely.com and participate in online auctions to bid on the vehicles they are interested to buy. The main motive of the RideSafely action is to provide the customers with vehicles with minimum costs and of great qualities.

Here in this article, you can find the details regarding the Ride Safely auctions right from creating your account to participating in the Ridesafely auctions and getting your vehicle home. Please go through the full article to get detailed information regarding RideSafely auto auctions.

About RideSafely:

RideSafely is an American auto auctioneer dealing in the used and salvage vehicles. The RideSafely auctions are held online at the website www.ridesafely.com. The users can create their account online at the Ride Safely website to participate in the auctions held at the portal and bid on them. If you win any vehicle at RideSafely auctions, you will get the vehicle at the price you had bid. The RideSafely provides vehicles like cars, motorcycles, trucks, bus, industrial vehicles, RVs and boats. The vehicles included in the list of RideSafely are either salvaged vehicles or used vehicles.

RideSafely was founded in the year 2006 as RideSafely.com Inc. It attracted the audience with its pricing and customer services. The customers willing to buy any kind of vehicle can visit the website www.ridesafely.com and participate in the auctions without any barriers. Through the RideSafely auto auctions, the Ridesafely.com Inc. wanted to provide the vehicles to the customers at minimum possible rates and of improved quality.

Create an account  at Ridesafely.com:

In order to participate in the RideSafely auto auctions, one need to have a registered account at the RideSafely auction platform www.ridesafely.com. If you are willing to purchase a vehicle at ridesafely.com, you need to first create an account there. Please follow the below steps to create your RideSafely account:

  • Make sure that the device you are using is connected to the active internet connection.
  • Open the browser and visit the website www.ridesafely.com.
  • On the home page, click on the “Register now” option available at the top right corner of the home page of Ride Safely.
  • Now click on the “Create account” option to begin the registration process.
  • You can sign in using your Google account and also by using your Facebook account.
  • But we would suggest you to go with the manual account creation process.
  • You will be asked to provide the details like first name, last name, email address and create a password.
  • After providing the appropriate details, click on the “Continue” option.
  • Now you need to provide your mobile phone number and verify it.
  • Once you have verified your mobile phone number, follow the further steps by providing the required information to create your profile.
  • After providing all the necessary information, submit them by clicking on the “Register” option available at the end.

As soon as you submit your application, your account at www.ridesafely.com will be created instantly. The email id and the password you have created will be your login details and are required to be produced at www.ridesafely.com to log in to your account and participate in RideSafely auctions.

Participate in RideSafely auto auctions and bid on the vehicles:

You need to have a registered account at www.ridesafely.com to participate in the RideSafely auto auctions online. If you have a registered account, then visit the website www.ridesafely.com/en/login and provide your login details to log in to your account. Now search for the type of vehicle you are looking for in the search bar. You can also search by the filters like Salvage vehicles, used vehicles, make, made, year, model etc. After providing the related keywords, you will find a list of the vehicles as a result of your search. Go through the list and select the vehicle that you are interested in buying. Clicking on the image of the ad will open the ad of the particular vehicle.

Once you have opened the Ad of the vehicle, you can find the detail like current bid, item location, time of the auction to end, vehicle name, fuel type, engine and other vehicle specifications. If you like the specifications, you can place the bid by clicking on the “Bid” option available at the top right corner of the page. You can set any amount which you can offer for the vehicle. You can also find the shipping quote in the ad. Sometimes the shipping quote can’t be provided instantly. In such times, you can request for the shipping quote by providing your location details.

Once you have placed the bid, wait till the auction gets to an end. At the end of the auction, you will be notified if you win the auction either by phone or email or through your account at www.ridesafely.com. The payment method will also be included along with the instructions for the payment and shipping of your vehicle won at RideSafely.com auto auctions.

Hope you got all the necessary information regarding the RideSafely auto auctions and the process to participate and bid at the Ride Safely online auctions at www.ridesafely.com. In case of any issues or queries regarding the products or services at RideSafely, please contact their customer care department. You can find the contact details below.

RideSafely — Important links and contact details:

  • Participate in RideSafely auto auctions online at ridesafely.com
  • To reach the RideSafely customer service in case of any issues or queries, please call: +1 – 215 – 289 – 0300
  • You can also reach the RideSafely customer services through fax at 1 – 215 – 289 – 3333
  • To solve your queries and issues and contact Ride Safely customer services through email, send an email at info@ridesafely.com
  • RideSafely corporate headquarters:
    • Mailing address: RideSafely.com Inc., 6 Neshaminy Interplex, Suite 310, Trevose, PA 19053, United States
    • Phone: 1 – 215 – 289 – 0300
    • Fax: 1 – 215 – 289 – 3333
    • E-mail: info@ridesafely.com

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